ComplianceAsia Podcast Ep9 AML - APAC Update 2020

ComplianceAsia Podcast Ep9 AML - APAC Update 2020

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ComplianceAsia has launched its first podcast which will be a discussion on topical regulatory developments. Each episode will offer insights into the latest changes and give tips and advice on how to respond to such changes.

The podcast content is free and the test requires a payment. Users earn 0.5 CPT hour upon completion of each episode with assessment.

Tune in by searching for “ComplianceAsia” on one of the platforms below, or click the link below--

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Host of ComplianceAsia's podcast, Lachlan Chubb, is joined by the AML Services team, consisting of Justin Fletcher, Head of AML Services North Asia, Hardy Hussain, Head of AML Services South East Asia, and Shilki Eesha, AML Compliance Manager, as they discuss the latest AML updates in APAC.

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